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Do you think you can survive 13 HOURS IN HELL? Our vengeful Ringmaster would bet otherwise. Experience the Ringmaster's Revenge as you try to survive a full night of camping with the Ringmaster and his deviants lurking about throughout the darkness. Steer clear of the Blood Lusting Bearded Lady, the Corrupt Clowns, Juggling Degenerates, Axe-Murdering Acrobats, and other Sinister Side Show Freaks because they're out looking for their next victims to become part of their show. Will you be their next “act”?

Throughout the dark of the night, you'll be challenged to a series of unspeakable trials in order to gain your freedom and not become part of the Carnival of Souls. Our Ringmaster has arranged a unique dinner for you to build energy for what's to come. If you survive the night, you'll be rewarded with breakfast as well.
Good Luck…


"HELL YEAH!!! Most fun I've ever had running! Thanks you!" – Sabrina B

"13 hours in Hell was an AMAZING experience only Bingemans Screampark could put on. I would highly recommend it to anyone adventurous looking for something fun. It's more fun than just a 5k race or plain camping overnight. I SURVIVED! And I will be going back next year!!" – Kirstyn M

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Bingemans promises 13 Hours of Hell at zombie camp-out

Bingemans promises 13 Hours of Hell at zombie camp-out

Toronto Star
Published on Thu Apr 10 2014

If you've ever wondered if you could survive a zombie apocalypse, here's your chance to see how you'd fare...More

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