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Water Attractions

The Cyclone   Torpedo Bay
Boomerango a high-octane ride sure to get the adrenaline flowing! The riders are hurtled down a huge drop in a raft as it races towards an almost vertical wall. Once the riders travel up and down the wall, they slide their way over some big bumps while their raft is turning and spinning to the finish line. Full Throttle sends four friends in a slippery, watery race to the finish line as each bomb down separate slide lanes towards a wild, splashy finish. Fantastic excitement with your friends!
The Cyclone   Torpedo Bay
The Cyclone Powered by centrifugal force, the rider circles round and round until the laws of gravity rule and the rider drops into the splashdown pool below. Torpedo Bay pits three friends down separate enclosed AquaTube slides. Who will win? No one knows, since each of the three slides in the Torpedo Bay complex takes a unique course of curves and spirals before the drop-off.
Spray ‘n’ Play Our interactive water playground will keep everyone busy with enjoyment, from geyser jets, controllable water flows, three children’s slides, net walk, water umbrella, 1200-gallon tipping bucket and more. This is the place for kids to play for hours and for parents to relax and enjoy or partake in the excitement. Wave Pool Waterloo Region's first and largest wave pool always guarantees fun. From an assortment of alternating wave patterns, circulating channel and water umbrella, come enjoy waves of fun.

Only CSA approved life jackets may be worn in the wave pool.  Life jackets are available for rent at the Surf Side Grill.
The Pipe Totally awesome, totally enclosed, totally yours to discover, these two twisting pipe slides combine both speed and thrills.