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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new Public Pool Regulations affecting Big Splash Waterpark?

You can download the 2018 Public Pool Regulations update notice.

Can we bring our own coolers or food?

Due to restrictions with Covid-19 and for everyone’s safety, outside food, beverages and coolers are not permitted into the facility, with the exception of one factory sealed or personal refillable bottle (plastic only, no glass). Guests with medical conditions, such as diabetes, and baby formula for infants can be brought into the facility.

Picnic tables are available in the parking lot adjacent to Spray N Play splash pad for guests to use if bringing their own food items. Please leave your cooler in your vehicle as you are permitted to leave the waterpark to enjoy your food.


Are there any restrictions for the various activities?

Yes, the following activities have restrictions:

Torpedo Bay and Full Throttle are designed with run outs, meaning that riders do not enter a pool at any time.

The Cyclone free-falls into a landing pool and is therefore not recommended for novice swimmers.

Can we use any part of your park for our own picnic/bbq?

Yes, guests may use picnic tables located outside of the waterpark near FunworX for picnic lunches (no BBQs). All picnic shelters in the park are reserved for pre-booked group events through our sales office. Bingemans is a privately owned park and anyone attempting to use these areas of the park for their own unauthorized event will be asked to leave the park, or pay a rental fee.

Do you have Lockers?

Yes we do have lockers. The rental fee is $10.00 plus hst. These must be purchased up at FunworX admissions when you check in and receive your wristbands for the day

You will receive a ticket with a coupon code. At the locker kiosk in the waterpark you will be prompted to enter the coupon code and then create a unique 4 digit pin. These lockers are in and out privileges during your stay in the waterpark.

I have a cast, am I able to go down your slides?

Casts that have any metal parts exposed will not be permitted down any slides.

Casts without any metal parts exposed, or soft/water casts, will be permitted down slides, as long as the rider can maintain rider position.

I'm a Season's Pass holder, how do I book my tickets for the waterpark?

To make your reservation for Big Splash follow this link: Bingemans Day Passes

Add to your cart the number of tickets you would like, making sure that you select the correct time. At the check out stage you will use your Family ID that you were provided when your passes were activated. To enter your Family ID you will click the “Use Pass” on the right side of the check out page. (NOT the Coupon Code space) This will remove the cost of the tickets.

Are inflatable devices allowed in the waterpark?


Are lifejackets allowed in the Wavepool?

Children must wear a life jacket in wavepool if under 10 years old and/or under 48 inches tall. A limited number of complimentary lifejackets are available for use. We encourage guests to bring their own provided they meet Transport Canada and/or Canadian Coast guard standards. Floatation devices such as noodles, in-suit floatation devices, inflatables, water wings and boogie boards are not permitted.

I am only coming to the waterpark to watch my children, do I have to pay?

Big Splash does not have a spectator rate as everyone counts towards the capacity in the waterpark. Yes, you have to pay the normal admission rates. We apologize for any inconvenience, however staff members are not authorized to alter or change any part of this policy.

What happens if an activity is closed?

Bingemans reserves the right to close any activity at any time, without issuing any refunds.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed into the park but must be on a leash. Pets are not allowed inside the waterpark, buildings or activity areas.

Are there refunds on purchased passes to Big Splash?

Sorry, there are no refunds for any reason and passes are not transferable.

Can I transfer my pass to another day?

Yes! You can transfer to another day with 24 hours notice based on availability. Please email provide the date of the original visit, the date you wish to transfer to and the ticket purchasers first and last name.

What is your rain day policy?

Bingemans does not have a rain day policy. Customers must use their own discretion when purchasing passes on days with poor weather conditions. Wristbands are only valid on the date of purchase, and can't be exchanged or refunded. SORRY, NO REFUNDS.

Do you provide any special discounts?

All discount programs will only be available through the Big Splash monthly newsletter, which you can subscribe to free of charge.

Is there an AED on site?

Yes, it is located inside the FunworX building. All of Bingemans' Lifeguards and Management are certified and trained on how to use the AED.

What happens if I lose my Season Pass photo card?

Please email to arrange a new card. Once contacted you will need to come to the FunworX admissions where we will deactivate the lost card and produce a new card for you. There is a $10.00 fee for all card replacements.

How can I find out more about waterpark safety?

You can download our Waterpark Safety brochure (PDF: 281KB)

Are your attractions accessible for guests with disabilities?

Several areas of our facility are accessible by wheelchair including but not limited to: FunworX Playstructure, Big Splash Waterpark, Campgrounds (including specified yurts), and the Conference Centre.

Any guest with a disability who is unsure if they may meet the regulated ride requirements for one of our activities at Big Splash or FunworX, please contact us in advance to review each of our attractions to allow us to assess what accommodations may be made to assist in maximizing your visit to our facility.

Please contact in advance or call 519-744-1555 ext. 2262.

Do you accept the Personal Attendant for Leisure (PAL) Card?

Yes we do. Unfortunately you can not purchase your pass online in this case.

Please email with a phone number to contact you to arrange your passes in advance.

What type of security do you use for your facilities?

This varies at different times of the year and may include any one or a combination of alarm systems, licensed security patrols, various lighting systems, etc. As well, some areas of our facilities are equipped with video recording systems which may also provide live monitoring and alerts from time to time. Guests are reminded that they are responsible for their safety at all times, and if any assistance is needed, please see one of our staff or management members at any time. The safety of our guests and employees is of the utmost importance to us as we progressively increase our systems and procedures. For more details of these policies, written requests may be directed to the following email address, or contact our main reception during standard office hours.

Do you have a checklist of recommended items to bring to the waterpark?

Yes, we have created a checklist of items that you may wish to bring to help ensure that you are prepared for your day

Can I smoke somewhere?

Yes, we have areas at each of our facilities for a designated smoking area which has been designed to meet the new provincial requirements. Please note that in these identified areas, that the regulations state that there cannot be any food, beverage or alcohol of any kind in these areas. If you have any questions, please speak to one of our management or staff for the location of these areas.

What is the minimum age for dropping off children?

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at least 18 years or older.